Packaging of the cargo is one of the most important aspects in modern business. Cargo should be packed in such a way that it should not only be protected from damage due to mishandling but also it should look compact at the same time. If the cargo packing stands to be bulky then the space consumed will be more will attract more space i.e. volume which will also cost more.

Choosing the right type of packaging is a critical strategic decision for the improvement of the supply chain flow and the reduction of your operational costs. Logistics is your trusted partner in identifying the most adequate packaging solutions for your merchandise from the moment it leaves your assembly line until it reaches the point of delivering

Logistics is the one-stop-shop solution for your industrial packaging needs. Our product range spans all types of packaging containers, box pallets and boxes manufactured at the highest levels of quality. We offer both standard and customized solutions for your transportation and storage needs

Service Included

  • Prevent from transit damages
  • Thermoplastic PE foam sheets and profiles
  • Customized design and fabrication
  • Offers Empty Container Fumigation, Anti Fungal Treatment for Pallets Used in Export Packing, Heat Treatment for Packing Wood Cases, Vessel Fumigation and Aluminum Phosphate Fumigation